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ReymonTTa22 in English

I see the life as a straight path from point A to point B, during which there are several key intersections, and we must decide which way to go. Each choice means that the paragraphs of book of our life are recorded differently. Perhaps different paths lead to one goal at a time, but unfortunately there is no way to check this. The situation in Wisla Krakow is so difficult and winding that it generates huge friction between the fans. Now you, as a fan of the White Star, stand at a crossroads and have to choose which path to turn.

Following the Matrix scene, I offer you two pills, like Morpheus. The red one is „x” in the upper right corner of the browser. By choosing it, you remain in the position of a passive spectator who complains about Wisla Krakow’s fate, but does nothing in this direction to change it for the better.

Red or blue?

However if you choose blue, it means that you do not like the situation in the club, but instead of complaining, you prefer to take matters into your own hands. The time has come to make a choice. Are you choosing „x” or the next paragraph? Red or blue? As you read on, means that you are considering choosing a blue pill. It is not an easy or pleasant road, but we deeply believe that it is the only one that can lead to a better tomorrow.

Probably wondering at this point you are still wondering why am I writing “US” and asking yourself: Who are those guys? We are a group of supporters who are fed up with the situation of the White Star. We are a group of people who do not believe in an uncle from America, who will give dollars to save the club. We also do not have millions on accounts to be able to temporarily change the situation. We do not have uniform views on the assessment of the club board of directors work, transfer policy, budgeting, but what unites us is the fact that we do not want to wait for a miracle. We prefer to act to help Wisla Krakow regain his home.

We adhere to the principle: if you can count, count on yourself. Let us be clear: we realize that our action, in the eyes of many, is to revive the dead and delay the funeral. Do not book a room for a funeral yet. The Dragon may not breathe fire now, but the flame of hope continues to smolder in it. He just needs a deeper breath to get back on his feet again.


This watchword describes exactly where we are coming from and what we want to fight for. Under this hashtag we will write about all activities related to the action that we have prepared to help Wisla Krakow. The situation is hard, the board of directors loses credibility and support of the fans every minute, PR is just a sign on the door, the fans are demanding heads, and SKWK … as never before sits silently, like a mouse under a broom. Therefore as we cannot count on them, each of us has to roll up the sleeves and show that # CałaWisłaWawszeRazem is not an empty slogan, but the real strength of this club.


We have created beautiful posters – donation bricks that will be sold. The whole collected amount of money will be transferred to Wisla Krakow’s account in order to help pay the debt for the stadium of Henryk Reyman at Reymonta 22 Street. The poster is made on high quality paper in B1 format.

Especially for the needs of the action, user @Obserator1906 created a unique pattern. Posters will be available in two versions: basic and exclusive. The cost of the basic version is PLN 100. The exclusive version will be accompanied by thanks and autograph of one / several of the legends of our club. That is the reason why the cost of exclusive version of the poster is PLN 200. The poster will be available for purchase from Friday, 13th of July 2018 on the Wisla Krakow’s website at www.sklep.wisla.krakow.pl or in clubs stationary shop: Wislacki Swiat in Krakow at the Stadium. It will be possible to pick up the poster personally or send via courier for an additional fee of PLN 30.

We can complain, as complaints are free of charge. We can beat the board of directors with arguments like beating in the drum. However it will not make us suddenly finding a wonderful way to heal the situation. Footballers come and go, the board of directors change. The only constant in this story is US! We are the strength of this club and we have to prove it!

The Wisla Krakow club falls down which is the obvious but we, as we love our club, we have to lift her from her knees. Nobody will do it for us!

#CałaWisłaZawszeRazem #ReymonTTa22 @ReymonTTa22


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